Feature Film 2012

Director: Anthony Hemingway
Writers: John Ridley & Aaron McGruder
Producers: George Lucas & Rick McCallum
Company: Lucas Film. All Right Reserved.

3D Digital
Anna Home

A film set in Italy during WW2, about the African American fighter pilots of the 332nd Fighter Group. Our brief was to recreate the authentic aviation style and heroism of the real men, as captured by Toni Frissell’s beautiful photography in 1945.

We were also privileged to have access to personal photographs from the Veterans and their families. Intimate and informal portraits showed the variety of clothing used, and how these men personalised their uniforms while overseas, at war and at rest. This was key in creating contrast and individual style for each character within a uniform world.

The majority of technical flight clothing, equipment and uniforms had to be made. Original examples were sourced to develop shapes, patterns and raw materials. Fabrics were woven and dyed, leathers tanned, moulds and hardware produced before costume making could begin. A passionate and committed team of specialist collaborators, collectors, companies, crafts people and individuals from around the world were brought together to build a complex range of looks for over 70 cast and 500 crowd.