3D Digital
Anna Home
Feature Film 2008

Director/Writer: Steve Barker
Writers: Rae Brunton, Kieran Parker
Producers: Kieran Parker & Arabella Croft
Company: Black Camel Pictures

An independent film shot for one million GBP, it’s sizeable costume requirements were delivered on a very tight budget. Outpost is a monster movie and the monsters are Nazi Ghosts. Their costumes had to be period, practical for special effects and scary-cool.

Having researched German WW2 uniforms particular items were more inherently ‘scary’ than others. To build their look we favoured garments like the long oilskin coats with their dramatic silhouette and shiny surface, SS camouflage and mountain boots. The hero group of mercenaries’ costumes tells a bit of their back-story & nationality. Symbolic uniform details from former regiments are blended with civilian clothes to build personality and individuality within a group.