Feature Film 2005

Director / Writer: John Henderson
Writers: Neville Watchurst, Richard Matthews
Producer: Christopher Figg
Company: Piccadilly Pictures Ltd

3D Digital
Anna Home

A children’s film about the famous Edinburgh dog. Set in the 1850’s, it explores Dickensian themes of social injustice. Referencing Hill and Adamson’s photographs of local people in the period, the costumes needed to capture a uniquely Scottish flavour.

In an exceptionally short prep period of 5 weeks, 80 plus costumes were designed and made, including sets of uniforms for Highland soldiers, Police and Fishwives. Fabrics woven and knitted, moulded metal ingredients produced. For the crowd of around 500 characters we made distinctive Scottish elements like hats, shawls and plaids. Some original garments were also sourced locally. Mixing generic Victorian hire stock with these details helped create a look for the whole film that worked within a tight budget.