TV Drama 2004

Series Director: Justin Molotnikov
Writers: Martin Stellman, Brian Ward
Producer: Claire Mundell
Company: BBC Scotland
3D Digital
Anna Home

This thirteen part children’s series mixes live action characters with animated animals ‘The Shoebox Zoo’. A story about childhood and magic it required contemporary and historical costumes for specific adventures in each episode.

Marnie, the show’s 11 year old protagonist needed cool style and a look universally appealing to girls and boys. Themes of childhood, synchronicity and alchemy are explored and interwoven in the costumes. Golden alchemical symbols are painted on the red/teal robes for 11
th c Alchemist Michael Scot and his colour scheme informs the school uniforms. Toledo the shape shifting bad guy needed visual continuity as he morphed between man, woman and child. His disguises, contemporary or 11thc, are always white.