Feature Film 2004

Director / Writer: Eleanor Yule
Producer: Oscar Van Heek
Company: Oscar Films Ltd / Newfound Films

3D Digital
Anna Home

A contemporary reworking of themes explored in Zola’s novel Therese Raquin. The brief was to create costumes with a timeless feel for this unhappy group of characters, reflecting their repression, mutual dependency and rural isolation.

Inspired by the melancholic atmosphere of Danish Artist Vilhelm Hammershoi’s paintings we worked with muted colours and faded texture. Rachel’s passionate personality is smothered under heavy woollen skirts combined with aprons and knitwear. Mike, a stranger who becomes her lover reflects modernity, freedom and passion dressed predominantly in blue and red. Rachel’s blind husband Francis is dressed in clay coloured waxed cotton and leather. A costume facilitating his death in a muddy sink hole.