Short Film 2002

Director / Writer:
David Cairns
Producer: Nigel Smith
Company: Forged Films

Watch film here (Flash required) or here (iPad friendly)
3D Digital
Anna Home

In this fantasy film, Clowns are a persecuted race living in poverty and caught in a cycle of crime and imprisonment. Our brief was to create colourful, humorous and distinctive silhouettes for our clowns with contrasting looks for mainstream society ‘The Norms’.

The history of clowning, from commedia del arte to whiteface/auguste characters and silent movies are all reflected. Classic prison uniforms given a clown-over, with stretchy drop crotches and conical hats. Betty’s outfits are pink and domestic: flowery gingham over pregnancy padding with an embroidered apron. Bobo’s attempt to disguise himself on the run mimics DI Martinau’s brown ‘Norm’ clothes. A fun script, bulging with costume related gags for us to resolve, including spinning bow ties, breakaway trousers, bleeding confetti and miniature outfits.